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News of the holiday farm Lorenzenhäusle.
Enjoy more than 100 attractions of the region for free by booking our flats; among them skiing, gulf, a swimming park with slides, leisure and animal parks.
Our farm

On a sunny southern slope of the calm valley Titisee-Jostal the farm Lorenzenhaeusle nestles against the black forest landscape. Situated above 1000 meters over sea-level and in the middle of streams, pasture and dark green forests the farm is a perfect starting point for hikes and trips to discover the nature. Both, in winter and summer you have perfect opportunities for many kinds of sports. Our farm uses its own sources for pure natural drinking water. We also offer natural food such as eggs from our hens or milk from our cows.

You are invited to watch the hay harvest – or to help if you like. A ride on the tractor or feeding and milking cows is a part of the unique Lorenzenhaeusle experience. A few rabbits and six cats live on our farm as well as ten cows which graze outside in summer. Little calves jump around on the fields and are fed in the stable every morning and evening. Chicken and from time to time pigs cavort at the farm.

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